2009 Call For Papers

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Call for Papers:

Down By The River

2009 National Undergraduate Conference on Ethnicity and Race

November 20 – 21 2009

Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts

Whether responding to harsh effects of toxic-dumping in Birmingham, Bronzeville or Brooklyn, activists, community members, and politicians have often regarded race and ethnicity as crucial factors in the research and analysis produced to combat unjust environmental practices. Such work is arguably derivative of research methods associated with Ethnic Studies and the discipline’s long-standing association with social justice movements.

Recognition of these connections continues being advanced by events such as 2008’s Green For All conference, a gathering that sought to fuse together the long histories of movements for Civil Rights, Environmental and Racial Justice in the United States. In light of these efforts, Eugene Lang College’s Ethnicity and Race Program invites papers for, Down By The River, the 2009 National Undergraduate Conference on Ethnicity and Race. This year’s conference seeks paper and panel submissions exploring how race and ethnicity have been factored into environmental-research, and school and community environmental-organizing and/or design.

Potential presentation topics include but are not limited to the following:

Ethnic Studies & Environmental Studies:

How do various branches of Ethnic Studies inform our understanding of key issues in Environmental Studies•

Environmental Justice: How do communities of color shape their own roles in Environmental justice movements•

Race, Ethnicity and the Green Economy: How will “green-collar” workforces service communities of color •

Environmental Movement and The Long Civil Rights Movement What are the historical connections between the environmental movement and various iterations of civil rights movements• Contemporary examples of connections between these movements •

Please send a 1-page abstract to


While not required, an accompanying letter of recommendation from a faculty member or advisor familiar with your work is encouraged.

Panelists whose proposals are accepted will be notified in mid-October. Proposals that are accepted will be placed in either a formal panel or a roundtable discussion. Individual and collaborative design or poster-proposals are also sought for this conference. Students submitting design or poster presentations must still submit an abstract outlining the projects scope and nature of presentation.

All presentations will range between 10-15min in length.

Sponsors Include: Eugene Lang College Deans Office • Environmental Studies Program• Gender Studies Program• Literary Studies Department• RENEW School • Urban Studies Department• Applied Research Center (ARC)• •••••••


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