Health Challenges for the 21st Century: Bad Sugar

In Public Programs on March 19, 2010 by Ferentz Lafargue Tagged: , , ,

The documentary Bad Sugar addresses this vexing question: What happened to the health of the Pima? Along with The Tohono O’odham Indians of southern Arizona, the Pima have arguably the highest diabetes rates in the world – half of all adults are afflicted. But a century ago, diabetes was virtually unknown in their community. Researchers have poked and prodded the Pima for decades in search of a sociological – or more recently, genetic – explanation for their high rates of disease.   Speakers at this event will relate the experiences of the Pima to the current diabetes epidemic in New York City and address efforts currently underway attempting to curtail its proliferation in New York. Participants include: Kimberly Libman, Faculty Food Studies, The New School for General Studies; Rachel Knopf,. Health Educator, The New School; and Lorraine Mongiello, Project Director for the CUNY Campaign Against Diabetes.


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